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I have a Chrome Extension which is injecting both CSS and Javascript into the page, and while the CSS is always being injected, the Javascript is only working sometimes and not others. By not working, I assume it's running before the stuff exists that it has to deal with.

The Javascript is simply moving a div above another using insertBefore but this isn't always happening, and I assume it's because of when it's loading.

My manifest is currently:

  "content_scripts": [{
    "matches": [ "*://*" ],
     "js": [
        "js/jquery-1.8.3.min.js", "js/myjavascript.js"
      "run_at": "document_end",
      "css": [

I have run_at set to document_end currently because it seemed to run smoother (when it does work), so I figure that's what needs to be changed.

If anybody has any suggestions, they're greatly appreciated.

EDIT: A follow-up question regarding the answer to this question was added here, I felt it may be useful for others if I added it to this question.

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Can't you use the jquery load $(window).load(function(){ //Script }); So the content of the script will be run when the page loads. – Nate-Wilkins Jan 1 '13 at 17:53
He is injecting jQuery, he can use $.ready i bet – Alexander Jan 1 '13 at 17:59
Both of these work but are making it noticeably slower (the page is loading and then you can see the div move), which is something I wish to avoid. – zackehh Jan 1 '13 at 18:01
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If the code is not always working, then that suggests that the element(s) are being created/loaded by the page's javascript. So, you need to use standard AJAX-aware techniques to move that div.

The techniques are: timers, mutation observers, mutation events, and intercepting AJAX XHR (if applicable). These are all discussed in other Stack Overflow questions, but: mutation events are deprecated/buggy; intercepting XHR gets messy and may not apply here; and mutation observers can get complicated.

I'd recommend downloading and adding the waitForKeyElements() utility to your manifest.

Then the code to move that <div> becomes merely:

waitForKeyElements (
    "jQuery selector for div(s) you want to move",
function moveSelectDivs (jNode) {
    jNode.insertBefore ("APPROPRIATE JQUERY SELECTOR");

Keep your manifest set to run at document_end. This is equivalent to DOMContentLoaded -- which is when $(document).ready() fires. The default run_at fires too late and at unpredictable times. run_at document_start won't do any good, since: timers, mutation observers, etc. all will not fire until after the DOMContentLoaded event -- for current versions of Chrome anyway (Other browsers don't have the same limits).

Alternate method, for the fastest action but slower webpage:


(the page is loading and then you can see the div move), which is something I wish to avoid.

There are only two ways to do anything before DOMContentLoaded that work in Chrome:

  1. You can set mycss.css to hide the div until after you've moved it. This might be the most cost-effective method, performance wise.
  2. Or, you can override document.createElement(). This will respond to the new element as fast as possible (assuming it's created before DOMContentLoaded), but it might slow down the page overall, by a noticeable amount.

Set the content script to run at document_start, and the override code must be injected. So, the script would look like:

addJS_Node (null, null, scriptMain);

function scriptMain () {
    var _orig_createElement = document.createElement;

    document.createElement  = function (tag) {
        var element = (document, tag);

        var movingNode      = document.querySelector ("MOVING DIV SELECTOR");
        if (movingNode) {
            var target      = document.querySelector ("TARGET DIV SELECTOR");
            if (target) {
                target.parentNode.insertBefore (movingNode, target);

                document.createElement = _orig_createElement;

        return element;

function addJS_Node (text, s_URL, funcToRun) {
    var D                                   = document;
    var scriptNode                          = D.createElement ('script');
    scriptNode.type                         = "text/javascript";
    if (text)       scriptNode.textContent  = text;
    if (s_URL)      scriptNode.src          = s_URL;
    if (funcToRun)  scriptNode.textContent  = '(' + funcToRun.toString() + ')()';

    var targ = D.getElementsByTagName ('head')[0] || D.body || D.documentElement;
    targ.appendChild (scriptNode);

Do not try to use jQuery for this.

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Your script (the first option) works great, however it's causing something which would be loaded inside small popup (on the same URL) with the same Selector to be moved onto the page behind it instead of leaving it where it is. Any ideas how I could fix that? - Obviously this isn't an issue on most of the pages, but the popup can be loaded on a page which doesn't contain the Selector and it then gets inserted onto the main page behind it. – zackehh Jan 9 '13 at 1:33
Just missed the 5 min mark for edits: I used the true param, and this fixes the issue, but the "matches" then need to be reset when a URL changes or there's a scenario it could fail. – zackehh Jan 9 '13 at 1:42
The thing to do is one or more of: (a) Exclude the popup using the manifest, (b) Tune the selector passed to waitForKeyElements, (c) Check for the popup inside moveSelectDivs. ... We need more information to be more specific. If necessary, start a new question and provide full details of the target pages and popups. Best to include a link to the target page(s). – Brock Adams Jan 9 '13 at 2:19
I have now added a new question here, I hope it's clear enough. – zackehh Jan 9 '13 at 3:08

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