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I have a map in this link . and I am following this tutorial on google maps

but what I can't understand is how to make the map open on the location I have here in this link,50.186512&spn=0.004146,0.007639&t=m&safe=on&z=17

sorry if this seems trivial, I am just new to android

Thanks in advance

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First of all, i would recommend you to stop reading that tutorial because the Google Maps API version it uses is deprecated.

That said, and specially if you are starting from scratch, i would start reading the new Google Maps Android API V2 documentation.

According to the URL you have posted, the location you want to go is 26.293723, 50.186512 with a Zoom level of 17. Don't know what the spn parameter is.

You can accomplish this by setting the camera position on the GoogleMap object, using the newCameraPosition method:

 GoogleMap map = // <Get it from your fragment>
 LatLng point = new LatLong( 26.293723, 50.186512);
 CameraPosition position = new CameraPosition( 0, point, 0, 17F );

You can also do it with a nice flying animation with the method newLatLngZoom:

 GoogleMap map = // <Get it from your fragment>
 LatLng point = new LatLong( 26.293723, 50.186512);
 map.newLatLngZoom(point, 17F);
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From the link I notice you have the lat-long values of the location. Pass your latitude and longitude as extras to the activity in which you display the Map. Use these values to create a GeoPoint which you can pass to setCenter() and/or animateTo() using your MapController.


Here's more info on how to use these methods.

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