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How can I play MIDI files with VB.NET? I tried using WAV, but they are too big. Any help?

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That always sounds like a good idea. Until you hear what it sounds like. –  Hans Passant Jan 1 '13 at 19:01

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look at this article i used it before and it works.


just copy paste that code in your project. create variable which holds your midi and call the play method.

you can also try this.(not sure about it.) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/141756

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Using MIDI files can be a good idea in regard to size, but IMO a horrible idea when it comes to actual sound (or lack there-of :) ). You can find users which do music too, and has a little better alternative set up or connected to their system, but to make users fire up their MIDI instruments and so forth to listen to a MIDI-track in a software can be a bad idea if unexpected.

Most users though are stuck with the built in wave synth from Microsoft which is a torture instrument (pun intended) and should probably not be used ;)

Why not consider compressing your wave data instead using MP3 or some other excellent compressor such as AAC, Ogg Vorbis ?

This will reduce the original data amount to at least 1/10 of the original size and unless you are providing a whole album, should be overcome-able.

You can find various ways to do this, from simple such as this one using the Media Player, or more low-level such as this one which decodes the MP3 file.

Also take a look at SlimDX.

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