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I have in my application installed zfcuser module and everything works fine. I configured hostname router and here my problem starts, when I log in on main domain (http://example.com) everything is ok, but when I go to any subdomain (http://test.example.com, http://anysubdomain.example.com) I'm loosing logged state and on every subdomain I have to login again. How to share login state across subdomains? In ZF1 i just set 'cookie_domain' and it works but how make it in ZF2? Of course I'm using also Bjyauthorize and I want to keep bjyauthorize guards on subdomains...

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Ok I found solution, in ZfcUser Module.php I've added:

use Zend\Session\Config\SessionConfig;
use Zend\Session\SessionManager;
use Zend\Session\Container;
use Zend\EventManager\EventInterface;

public function onBootstrap(EventInterface $e)
   $config = $e->getApplication()

   $sessionConfig = new SessionConfig();
   $sessionManager = new SessionManager($sessionConfig);


and in ZfcUser module.config.php:

return array(
  'session' => array(
    'use_cookies' => true,

Hope it will help somebody.

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