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I have 2 Models.

  • Community
  • CommunityTopic

Community has_many CommunityTopics

But what if I want to limit the number of CommunityTopics that are owned by one Community? I'd like to limit it up to 1000 records which can be owned by one Community.

How can I code that in my controller's new action with flash error message? and what should I code in models/community_topics.rb?

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What have you tried? The logic seems relatively straight-forward. –  Dave Newton Jan 1 '13 at 19:20

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You need to add a validation in your CommunityTopic model, it could be named check_limits

def check_limits
  if self.community.communitytopics.count == 1000
    self.errors.add("can't create more topics for this community")

I would recommend using a constant instead of just writing 1000, in case you need to change it later.

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