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I have a jQuery click function that is setup to work within <div>'s defined with class attributes. I need to control the click() behavior based on the parent class as follows:

Sample HTML

<div class="rightContentBlock test">
    <img src="../themes/simple/images/close.png" alt="close button" class="closeButton" />
    <h3>Column Header</h3>
    <p>Column Content A</p>
</div> <!-- end rightContentBlock1 -->

<div class="rightContentBlock">
    <h3>Column Header</h3>
    <p>Column Content B</p>
</div> <!-- end rightContentBlock2 -->

<div class="rightContentBlock">
    <h3>Column Header C</h3>
        <p>Column Content</p>
</div> <!-- end rightContentBlock3 -->

jQuery Code

// toggle hidden block in profileBlock on page header
// end toggle hidden block

I can get this to work by hard coding the test class. I want to use the close button occasionally through my page. Is there any way to identify the <div class="rightContentBlock"> without hard coding each block separately?

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$(this).closest('.rightContentBlock') – adeneo Jan 1 '13 at 19:20
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You're looking for jQuery's closest() method:

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Sounds cool @JosephSilber. I'll give it a try and post back shortly. – H. Ferrence Jan 1 '13 at 19:21
Awesome. That worked perfectly @JosephSilber. I need to wait for 9 minutes to accept your answer (pet peeve I dislike about this website). I'll have to accept it next time I come back... – H. Ferrence Jan 1 '13 at 19:24

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