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I have a query like this that nicely generates a series of dates between 2 given dates:

select date '2004-03-07' + j - i as AllDate 
from generate_series(0, extract(doy from date '2004-03-07')::int - 1) as i,
     generate_series(0, extract(doy from date '2004-08-16')::int - 1) as j

It generates 162 dates between 2004-03-07 and 2004-08-16 and this what I want. But the problem with this code is that it wouldn't give the right answer when the two dates are from different years, for example when I try 2007-02-01 and 2008-04-01. Anyone has any idea how to generalize it or an alternative?

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Can be done without conversion to/from int (but to/from timestamp instead)

SELECT date_trunc('day', dd):: date
FROM generate_series
        ( '2007-02-01'::timestamp 
        , '2008-04-01'::timestamp
        , '1 day'::interval) dd
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Searching Google for "postgresql date series" finds this solution as the first result.

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You can generate series directly with dates. No need to use ints or timestamps:

select date 
from generate_series(
  '1 day'::interval
) date;
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