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here is a small script to measure the speed of a SD card (or USB stick, or other Disk) on mac os x. It is very primitive, but easy to use and adapt.

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# config
SIZE=5 # in MB (mac os x)

#create large file first
echo "creating file"
mkfile 100m $TMPDIR$FILENAME
echo "done creating file"

# measure time at the beginning
echo "Starting to WRITE to SD"
START=$(date +%s)
END=$(date +%s)

#calculate diff
DIFFw=$(( $END - $START ))
SPEEDw=$(echo $SIZE/$DIFFw | bc -l)
echo "It took $DIFFw seconds to write"

# delete file 

# read speed
echo "Starting to READ from SD"
START=$(date +%s)
END=$(date +%s)

#calculate diff
DIFFr=$(( $END - $START ))
SPEEDr=$(echo $SIZE/$DIFFr | bc -l)
echo "It took $DIFFr seconds to read"

echo "---------- RESULTS ------------"
echo "It took $DIFFw seconds to write $SIZE MB --> WRITE Speed: $SPEEDw MB/s"
echo "It took $DIFFr seconds to read $SIZE MB  --> READ  Speed: $SPEEDr MB/s"
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