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So I was wondering if anyone knows of a package/plugin for sublime or a service that lists class attributes within an HTML snippet.

For example I like to markup then work on the css. I keep finding myself splitting sublime into two halves and just manually scrolling through the HTML on the left and rewriting the the actual class name styles on the right.

Basically I have:

<section class="home-testimonials">
    <h2 class="home-title">
    <div class="testimonial-wrapper">
        <!-- Other divs with classes -->

And I want a list like this:

  • .home-testimonials
  • .home-title
  • .testimonial-wrapper

If it denotes hierarchy position even better. Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure about Sublime, but with regular JS you can select all elements with document.getElementsByTagName('*'), and then extract classes for each element with element.className.

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Ah I didn't think of that, however I was looking for something effortless. Nonetheless, if no one posts anything I'll have to do this, thanks for the response. –  Protonova Jan 1 '13 at 22:55

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