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I am working with fancybox2 and having trouble getting my fancy window to resize to the content. It seems to just stretch the entire width of the page...


Click read more on the initial press article

You will see I have the content in a container with an absolute width. I have tried every variation of setting I can find and nothing seems to be working...

This is what I am using:


This script worked for me:

                    'autoSize': false,
                    'width': 800

'fitToView': false - made the popup crazy wide, far beyond the screen's limit. 'autoSize': true - is a default value so nothing changed with that. I found you can set the width by doing what is done above.

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Your #article-container (from your ajax content) has this css rule

#article-container {
  width: 50%;

... that is not absolute, is half of the parent container (fancybox) so even if you set a fixed width for fancybox, let's say 600px, your content inside of it will be only 300px width.

Anyway, the main issue you have is that neither autoScale or autoDimensions are valid API options for fancybox v2.x .... fancybox v2.x options are new and not compatible with previous (v1.3.x) versions.

Check http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/#docs for the right API options .... in your case I think you meant to use fitToView (autoScale in v1.3.x) and autoSize (autoDimensions in v1.3.x) like :

    'type': 'ajax',
    'fitToView': false,
    'autoSize': true

BTW, notice that neither Boolean (true/false) or integer values go with quotes ... that would make your script fail.

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Look like I was looking at the old documentation... – EZDC Jan 2 '13 at 19:55

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