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I have just installed Powerline plugin into my vim by using pathogen and submodule.

The powerline is only visible when where are multiple buffers. When there is only one buffer in vim, I can't see it.

I wonder whether it is a bug or not?

single vec hoz

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What you meant to say is multiple windows not buffers.

By default vim is set not to show the statusline when there is only a single window. You can override this by using:

set laststatus=2

Numbers denote the behavior as such:

0: never
1: only if there are at least two windows (this one is the default)
2: always

See :h laststatus for more info..

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oooo ,It's just a dumb questions , haha :) Thank you so much, I will accept your answer as soon as possible :) –  code4j Jan 1 '13 at 22:27

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