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I implemented my own Undo/Redo functionality (with a lot of help from the web) which was enlightening. The Undo and Redo commands are defined in the ViewModel. I am able to hook these commands up through the Command property of a MenuItem. As a final step I want to hook these commands up through the standard CTRL-Z and CTRL-Y keyboard shortcuts.

To my dismay I found out that the MenuItem class does not support this. Using WinForms this would have been a snap, but it seems that achieving this in WPF is quite involved. How is it most easily done?

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This question is in fact a duplicate question of this one: However: as of WPF 4.0 Michel Keijzer's answer is the correct one, very easy! I will put it here (before the question gets closed :-))

    <KeyBinding Command="{Binding Path=UndoCommand}" 
      Key="Z" Modifiers="Control"></KeyBinding>

Add this after Window.Resources

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