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I am creating a custom SqlMembershipProvider class and I would like to have a new public property on it that would allow a user to set in the web.config along with the other public properties already apart of the SqlMembershipProvider base class. However when I add my property and try and run the application, I get the yellow screen of death error stating Attribute not recognized 'DataLocationDescription'. What do I need to do to get this property accessible in the web.config with the other properties of the class?

Here is my code:

public class CustomSqlMembershipProvider : SqlMembershipProvider

    public string DataLocationDescription { get; set; }


And here is the web.config file where I have my Property DataLocationDescription specified:

          <add name="CustomizedMembershipProvider" 
           passwordAttemptWindow="30" DataLocationDescription="Tier2"/>

I tried using the ConfigurationProperty attribute but that did not make any difference.

[ConfigurationProperty("DataLocationDescription", IsRequired = true)]  

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Flea

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It is not SqlMembershipProvider the one that deserializes the membership/providers section in the configuration file, but the ConfigurationManager class. The schema for the membership element is fixed, so there's nothing you can do about it.

Simply put, the configuration system is unaware of your extra property.

Instead, you can create your own configuration section and do a post-initialization of your custom membership provider somewhere at the beginning of your application. So, you'd have something like a CustomSqlMembershipProvider section with one element for now (or attribute, your choice), the DataLocationDescription value.

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