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I have a large dataset and am tryng to get gabor filters from images. When the dataset gets too big there are memory errors. So far I have this code:

import numpy
from sklearn.feature_extraction.image import extract_patches_2d
from sklearn.decomposition import MiniBatchDictionaryLearning
from sklearn.decomposition import FastICA

def extract_dictionary(image, patches_size=(16,16), projection_dimensios=25, previous_dictionary=None):
    Gets a higher dimension ica projection image.

    patches = extract_patches_2d(image, patches_size)
    patches = numpy.reshape(patches, (patches.shape[0],-1))[:LIMIT]
    patches -= patches.mean(axis=0)
    patches /= numpy.std(patches, axis=0)
    #dico = MiniBatchDictionaryLearning(n_atoms=projection_dimensios, alpha=1, n_iter=500)
    #fit = dico.fit(patches)
    ica = FastICA(n_components=projection_dimensios)

    return ica

When LIMIT is big there is a memory error. Is there some online (incremental) alternative to ICA in scikit or other python package?

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No there isn't. Do you really need ICA filters? Have tried MiniBatchDictionaryLearning, and MiniBatchKMeans that are online instead?

Also, although not strictly online RandomizedPCA is able to address medium to largish data if the number of components to extract is small.

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Yes, I tried, and it works. (it is commented out in the code above). Just wanted some of the nice properties of ICA for image processing learning gabor filters. –  RafaelLopes Jan 2 '13 at 3:58
You could try minbatch dictionary learning then. –  Andreas Mueller Jan 2 '13 at 14:56
Another alternative that is currently not implemented in scikit-learn (yet?) would be to use RICA instead of traditional ICA. The reference implementation uses a batch optimizer (LBFGS) but it might be possible to use SGD instead if out-of-core learning is really required. –  ogrisel Sep 26 '13 at 10:27

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