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My program reads coordinates(double x,douule y) into ListBox and need to calculate the average of them after choosing them with SelectedIndices and MultiExtended. The problem is how can I refresh my code with each Multiselection. As you can see I set SelectedIndices[0] to 0 as default. At the moment my program just making average of the 1st coordinate divided by number of selectedIndices.

If you think about any ways to improve my code I would like to know as well.


   private void button3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)//Average
        int[] selected = new int[] {points_List.SelectedIndices[0] };
        double sumX = 0, sumY = 0; ;
        foreach (int iIndex in selected)
            sumX += points[iIndex].X;
            sumY += points[iIndex].Y;
        averageX = (sumX) / (points_List.SelectedIndices.Count);
        averageY = (sumY) / (points_List.SelectedIndices.Count);
        label1.Text = "Average is: ";
        label1.Text += averageX.ToString();
        label1.Text += "   ";
        label1.Text += averageY.ToString();
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You should get interested in re-calculating it when the SelectedIndexChanged event fires. –  Hans Passant Jan 1 '13 at 23:49

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The correct code will require a cast of SelectedIndices through OfType<T> or Cast<T>. Also, it's convenient to call ToArray to materialize the result to avoid having to compute it twice.

var selectedPoints = points_List.SelectedIndices.
    Select(i => points[i]).
var averageX = selectedPoints.Average(p => p.X);
var averageY = selectedPoints.Average(p => p.Y);
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Final solution, Thanks all.

        double averageX = 0, averageY = 0;
        var selectedPoints = from int i in pointsList.SelectedIndices select points[i];
        if (pointsList.SelectedIndices.Count == 0)
            label1.Text = "Average is 0.000 0.000 ";//default text
        averageX = selectedPoints.Average(p => p.X);
        averageY = selectedPoints.Average(p => p.Y);
        label1.Text = "Average X: ";
        label1.Text += averageX.ToString();
        label1.Text += "   Y:";
        label1.Text += averageY.ToString();
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