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So I am running the latest and greatest eclipse and it seems this line of code always comments out everything underneath it. I don't think this code is wrong? This line was included in the foundation css framework download and this is what I usually use?

<!--[if gt IE 8]><!--> <html class="no-js" lang="en"> <!--<![endif]-->

Big thanks in advance!

Edit** I am pretty sure its supposed to be this, is this correct?

<!--[if gt IE 8]> <html class="no-js" lang="en"> <![endif]-->

enter image description here

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You may have a mismatched pair of > in your endif. Try closing the < and see how that works. –  Anthony Forloney Jan 2 '13 at 0:13
I didn't write this code it was downloaded from foundation.zurb.com but ill check –  kmgilbert100 Jan 2 '13 at 0:14
Whatever the problem is, your Edit** version isn't what you want, following the same format as the conditional comments preceding it would cause IE 9+ and anything non-IE to not have an opening html tag. –  ultranaut Jan 2 '13 at 0:27
So what do I put there and why is eclipse saying its bad? Dreamweaver or any other program doesnt. –  kmgilbert100 Jan 2 '13 at 0:58
That's a good question, and I have no idea. I don't use eclipse, so I can't help you there; those conditional comments are standard boilerplate, so it's weird that eclipse would have a problem with it. –  ultranaut Jan 2 '13 at 2:22

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