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Let me try explaining this to the best of my ability. At the end I will explain the problem--I've narrowed it down pretty well (I think).

UIViewController Configuration:

  • I have a UIViewController with delegates' UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate
  • The UIViewController has a IBOutlet UITableView called bluetoothTable
  • The UIViewController has a IBOutlet UITableViewCell called discoverCell
  • In Storyboard, bluetoothTable is set as an Outlet of DiscoverViewController (the UIViewController), TableViewis set as the dataSource, and TableView is set as the delegate.
  • In DiscoverViewController I have defined the delegate methods: canEditRowAtIndexPath, didSelectRowAtIndexPath, numberOfRowsInSection, numberOfSectionsInTableView, cellForRowAtIndexPath
  • In the viewDidLoad() method of DiscoverViewController()

Custom UITableViewCell Configuration:

  • Xib configuration: referencing outlet is set to "File's Owner"

Note: I set bluetoothTable's delegate and datasource to "self" in DiscoverViewController. Thus, DiscoverViewControllerhandles any delegates and is the datasource for bluetoothTable.

Problem: Different UITableView's get invoked throughout the course of running my app. bluetoothTable does not populate the table, instead some other UITableView does. Let me explain...

  • When I start the app, cellForRowAtIndexPath() is eventually called for the first time. The UITableView being passed to this function has address equal to 0x20354400. Where as my bluetoothTable's address is 0x1f346a00
  • When my app eventually detects a bluetooth LE device it populates the cell data and then calls bluetoothTable's reloadData() method. This invokes cellForRowAtIndexPath(), but this time, the UITableView passed into this method contains bluetoothTable's address 0x1f346a00. The address I believe I want. cellForRowAtIndexPath() then creates & populates the cell, however nothing appears on the table within my app--the cell is left blank.
  • In order to get the cell to appear I have to manually scroll the table up with my finger (gesture) and then release it. This causes the cellForRowAtIndexPath() to be called again. This method is now being passed the address 0x20354400 for the UITableView parameter, like it did the first time it was invoked upon startup of the app. The cell now gets populated on screen

My problem is that I would like reloadData() to automatically refresh the bluetoothTable without having to manually scroll up/down the table. I believe my problem has something to do with my app using two different UITableView's (different tables being passed into cellForRowAtIndexPath method). If that's the case, where is the second UITableView coming from? The address that appears upon startup of the app and the one after I do a gesture on the UITableView

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only reload is not working?Would you show me whole code on pastie –  Warewolf Jan 2 '13 at 4:27
I'm not able to show you the whole code since my company has not released our product yet. 'reloadData()' definitely works and calls the method 'cellForRowAtIndexPath()'. However, 2 different 'UITableViews' are being passed to 'cellForRowAtIndexPath()'. The first 'UITableView' is passed to the function at the startup of the app and after gestures (I have no clue where this 'UITableView' is defined, but it is the one that allows things to appear on screen). The second 'UITableView' is passed to the method after I invoke 'reloadData' with my table defined in my 'ViewController' –  CaseyG Jan 2 '13 at 5:39
I want bluetoothTable's (my defined UITableView) reloadData() method to refresh the UITableView instead of having to rely on using gestures. Are you following what I'm saying? Sorry, it's hard to explain. –  CaseyG Jan 2 '13 at 5:43

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