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I am using the following ssh command to get all the changes on project "platform/vendor/company-proprietary/code" and branch "master" that are in open status,this gives a large volume of data and some unnecessary changes to integrate, I am looking to control this.

  1. has anyone used a similar command to get changes and sort by the uploaded time or
  2. get changes based on a specified upload time
  3. Any other ideas you have to control the output based on your experiences?

    ssh -p 29418 company.com gerrit query --commit-message --files --current-patch-set status:open project:platform/vendor/company-proprietary/code branch:master 
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any inputs from any body? –  user1927396 Jan 2 '13 at 9:29

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The ordering of the results is by last update time, and there is no option to change that.

You can limit the amount of results by using the limit:x parameter, or you can limit to only changes within a specific time, for example within the last week with age:1week.

If you need to sort by upload time, I think the only way is to load the results into a script and sort them yourself. For that it's best to get the output as JSON by adding the --format json option on the command.

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