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I have a ServerResource object that is running within a component. Its purpose is to act in many ways like a basic HTTP server. It uses a Representation to acquire a file and return the file's contents to a browser.

The active function for this application is provided below:

   public Representation showPage()
     Representation rep = null;

     if(fileName != null)
        File path = new File("pages/" + fileName);       
        rep = new FileRepresentation(path,MediaType.ALL);


Note that "fileName" is the name of an HTML file (or index.html) which was previously passed in as an attribute. The files that this application serves are all in a subdirectory called "pages" as shown in the code. The idea is that a browser sends an HTTP request for an HTML file, and the server returns that file's contents in the same way that Apache would.

Note also that the restlet application is deployed as a JSE application. I am using Restlet 2.1.

An interesting problem occurs when accessing the application. Sometimes, when the request comes from a Firefox browser, the server simply does not send a response at all. The log output shows the request coming in, but the server sinply does not respond, not even with a 404. The browser waits for a response for a time, then times out.

When using Internet Explorer, sometimes the browser times out due to not receiving a response from the server, but sometimes the server also returns a 304 response. My research into this response indicates that it should not be returned at all -- especially if the HTML files have no- caching tags included.

Is there something in the code that is causing these non- responses??? Is there something missing that is causing the ServerResource object to handle responses so unreliably? Or have I found a bug in Restlet's response mechanisms?

Someone please advise...

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Which version of Restlet Framework are you actually using? – Jerome Louvel Jan 15 '13 at 17:38
The precise version is restlet-jse v2.1.0 – Factor Three Jan 15 '13 at 18:13
Could you try updating to 2.1.1, we have fixed issues with the internal HTTP server that will probably help. – Jerome Louvel Jan 16 '13 at 10:48
Jerome: I have upgraded to v2.1.1 and the problems seem to go away in most cases. Unfortunately, the 304 response continues to occur when I try to access files with Javascript code using Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, this causes IE to fail to display the page -- especially since caching is turned off. Does your version do anything special with IE? If it does, can I turn off the special behavior??? – Factor Three Jan 18 '13 at 2:52
Could you provide more specific details of a request/response that gives 304, including raw headers? – Jerome Louvel Jan 18 '13 at 9:24

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