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I am developing a web app that streams videos (pre-recorded, not live) on demand. I stored my videos (mp4 files) in Amazon S3 bucket. My application is running on an EC2 instance (Amazon Linux AMI). The web app uses JW Player to display the videos. I was able to get the application up and running. As the next step, I am planning to move to a solution based on CloudFront and Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS) to achieve true streaming video rather that the progressive download solution I have in place now. Before that, I have a couple of questions nagging me.

The issue I had with my current setup was that my videos played fine in Safari, IE and Chrome, but not in Firefox. I understand that it is because Firefox doesn't support mp4 format. I do not want to create 3 versions of the same video (mp4, webm and ogg) so the player can fallback to the version supported by the browser.

  1. Is there a way to have one version of the video file (say, mp4) on the server and dynamically stream in the format supported by the client browser/device (for e.g. stream in ogg format to FF browser and in mp4 to Safari/Chrome)?
  2. Does FMS provide the ability to do so?
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  1. FF does not support H.264 in HTML5 tag, you can use Which will fall back to flash plugin if HTML5 is not supported.

  2. FMS does not provide transcoding functionality, you can use "wowza" but its paid.

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