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I've heard the Glut framework is deprecated. Is this true? If so what are some good alternatives? I am on a mac, so it is important that it is something that works well with Xcode, preferably cross platform. I want to use C++ as the main programming language.

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The answers have noted that GLUT hasn't been updated in a long time. They should really also note that the most recent version was (apparently) intended only for beta test, and has a number of known bugs. Worse, the spec is now ancient, so even a bug-free implementation is still close to worthless. –  Jerry Coffin Jan 2 '13 at 3:33

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Glut is closed source and hasnt been updated for a long time. Freeglut is an alternative which is much more active

From Freeglut About page -


The original GLUT library seems to have been abandoned with the most recent version (3.7) dating back to August 1998. Its license does not allow anyone to distribute modified library code. This would be OK, if not for the fact that GLUT is getting old and really needs improvement. Also, GLUT's license is incompatible with some software distributions (e.g., XFree86).

There are other alternatives as well at http://www.opengl.org/resources/libraries/windowtoolkits/

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Glut is considered a bad choice because it is no longer supported and has been dated for quite some time now.

Great alternatives could be:

  • FreeGlut, the old glut combined with new features and faster performance
  • SFML, Simple Fast Multimedia Library
  • SDL

the list goes on and on, but those would be my 'favorite' alternatives.

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