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SendGrid has the capability to send to multiple recipients with one call to its SMTP API by adding 'To' recipients in X-SMTPAPI Header :

You can customize the body of the email for each recipient using substitutions:

But I can't find a way to send customized CC and BCC for each recipient. I want to send different CC and BCC addresses for each email. How to do that?


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There is no way to customize a CC or BCC through the X-SMTPAPI header on a per message basis. You could however, assign a BCC or CC that would apply to all the emails you're sending.

So for example, if you're sending out something that looks like this:

"x-SMTPAPI": {
  "to": ["", "", ...],
  "bcc": ["", ""],

Both and would receive emails and and would be BCC'ed on both emails that went out.

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