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I would like a modal Window but NOT movable, and couldn't find any information about this behavior in document. How do I disable it?

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Which platform are you using? Windows? – Vlad Spreys Jan 2 '13 at 3:06
That is about ZK-Web-Framework it does not matter if it is Windows. – Nabil A. Jan 2 '13 at 3:10
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Currently you can use Client Side Programming to customize a not movable modal (overlapped, popup) window, the sample below create two overlapped window and make one of them not movable

<zk xmlns:w="client">
    <window title="center win, movable" border="normal"
        onCreate="self.doOverlapped();" />
    <window title="top win, not movable" border="normal"
        <attribute w:name="bind_"><![CDATA[
            function (a, b, c) {
                if (!this.$class.ignoremoveOverridden) {
                    this.$class.ignoremoveOverridden = true;
                    var oldImove = this.$class._ignoremove;
                    this.$class._ignoremove = function (dg, pointer, evt) {
                        var wgt = dg.control;
                        if (jq(wgt.$n()).hasClass('z-window-not-movable')) {
                            return true;
                        return oldImove.apply(wgt, arguments);
                this.$bind_(a, b, c);



ZK Client Side Programming

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Thank you, this does exactly what I need. I guess it is time to learn some widget customization now. :) – Rangi Lin Jan 3 '13 at 6:09

If a Window has no header (no title, close button, ...) you can not move it.
If you want/need the head element, I am pretty sure thre is no build in way
to disable the movement. But I am interested in this too and I think this should
be added to zk tracker as a feature.
I will take a more detailed look at the Window component and if I find a way
to disable it, I will add this.

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