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I've been evaluating Hudson, with an eye to convert to it from CC.NET. In CC.NET, I've gotten my emails to include test statistics, such as # of tests run, how many failed, etc. It even shows in red "this project has no tests" which is a great motivator, right?

Is there any way to accomplish this in Hudson?

I've tried the email-ext plugin, because I'm told that it can get test output and other great stuff into the email, but I just can't figure out "how."

It looks like I need to put a token in for "content" but I dont see any token available that looks like "test results" to me :) Or any that would parse some xml that I provide a path to, or such.

Has anyone done this and can help? Thanks!

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From the Email-ext plugin wiki page:

To see a list of all available email tokens and what they display, you can click the "?" (question mark) at the top of the email-ext section on the project configuration screen.

I can't check if it's listed in the online help right now but I think you're looking for the $FAILED_TESTS token.

If you need more guidance, check this blog post: Continuous Integration with Hudson, ColdFusion, and MXUnit: Advanced Notification Control. There are some screenshots that might help.

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I should have mentioned that I see that list of tokens, but unless there are failing tests, I just dont see a token that provides the information I'm asking about. The number of tests run, even if they all passed, and most importantly - the fact that a given project doesnt even have any tests. –  Travis Laborde Sep 12 '09 at 2:43

See this question - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2845020/having-latest-tests-results-info-in-the-notified-email-with-hudson . It seems like the only answer is to hack in your own solution, until Email-ext is improved.

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