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I'm building a WordPress Multisite locally using WAMP 2.2 and WP 3.5. It was a fresh WP installation and uses subdirectories for the new sites. I am able to view the Network dashboard and the main blog dashboard and site. I can view the sub-sites but when I try to go to their dashboards I get the 310/redirect loop error message.

So these URLs work fine:




But this one times out and gives the redirect loop error:


The problem sites were all created a few days ago, so to make sure I hadn't made some change to those sites I created a new test sub-site just now and it has the same problem.

I've read about others with this problem and I have verified

  • Apache rewrite module is checked
  • I checked the blogs and options tables and both show localhost as the domain and correct file paths and no www in the URLs
  • I read in another post that adding www fixed the issue but I understand you can't do that using localhost
  • I checked htacess has

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /www.bloggersofhealth.org/
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
  • I checked wpconfig has

    define('SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL', false);
    define('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'localhost');
    define('PATH_CURRENT_SITE', '/www.bloggersofhealth.org/');

I'm new to WordPress, WAMP and PHP but I'll eagerly work with any advice that's given because I'd like to become proficient in all three.

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