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Trying to figure out which is best way to include Login with Facebook in my website.
Currently I am using a png image, onclick calls a php controller. This controller has access to Facebook PHP SDK. Controller talks to facebook api and authenticates the user.
But on web I have checked other way of implementations.
First part is types of facebook Login Button:

  • button developed with CSS only
  • button developed XFBML
  • just a login image

Second part is login implementation:

  • Server side authentication (The way I am doing right now)
  • Client side authentication. Using JS SDK and then passing session to PHP SDK
  • make a call to facebook api via url and then redirecting to php code. something like https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?client_id=appId&scope=email&redirect_uri=http//localhost/authenticate
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Facebook offers several login flows for different devices and projects.

Client-side JavaScript SDK

Difficulty: Low Recommended for: Websites, Apps on Facebook and Mobile Apps

Native Device Login

Difficulty: Medium Recommended for: Native Apps on supported Mobile Devices

Server-side Login

Difficulty: High Recommended for: Desktop Apps or other environments where JavaScript isn't suitable

The above details are from Facebook developers website. Please check out this link for more details.

Facebook suggesting to use Javascript SDK for websites because using FB.Login() just triggers a popup window and gets response easily. In certain cases, it may not be appropriate to use JavaScript or you may prefer to create a login flow in a different programming language then use Server-side login.

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