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I am calculating a column based on existing tables column. But dont know how to do that.

To explain my problem, Let's say i have a table which has two column A,B both are int. What i am doing right now is

Select A,B (A-B)as C from Table

The check what i want to apply is

if C is less then Zero it should show Zero. rather then a negative value.

What is the way to do in sql

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Select A,B,
END as C 
from Table


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You have to Use CASE (Transact-SQL)

This is what you want:

select A,B,
case when(A-B) < 0 then 0 else (A-B) end as c 
from Table

Demo: SQL Fiddle

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Try this,

  Select A,B ,case when(A-B)< 0 then 0 else (A-B) end as C from Table;
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    try this

    select a,b,(a-b < 0 , 0 , a-b) as c from <table>
    // if then usage in mysql

    SELECT a,b,if(a-b < 0;0;a-b) as c FROM <table>
    // if then usage in sql

    // ie. if a-b is less than 0 then 0 else a-b 
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FYI - the question is tagged with SQL Server, and specifically Transact-SQL. That uses CASE statements, rather than if-then. – jadarnel27 Jan 2 '13 at 7:02

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