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Iam on a project(strut1 applcation, Java EE) where application provide an intreface to send email using javamail . Now I want to save this sent emails in a file system. I have to design a file structure which will efficiently save each mails send. I supose it must save the details of sender and reciever details, body, attchment.

I also doubt if any tool available which can be used to create a archive file with the above data.hope iam clear with question . create a archive file programmatically in the server file system which has number of file An single file which can be programmatic-ally expanded and use the data in it (Which may be multiple file ).

Can any one add their input on: 1. various Issuesto be handed dealing with real time email. 2. Any tool available to create archive file in the file system in a Java EE project 3. structural design of such file to store all details of email send. 4. various parameters to be used to store the emails deatils robustly

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I think you've just described a mail server. Why not use an existing IMAP server? There are lots to choose from - free and paid ones on the internet, free and paid ones you can install locally, etc.

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