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I was trying to take out swear words from a string and thought I had it done, until someone on this site showed me this: http://codepad.org/LMuhFH4g

So, is there any way I can go over a string until its clean of all swear words.

$a = array( 'duck', 'chit', 'dsshole' ); 

$str = 'duchitck-you-dssduckhole'; 

$newString = str_ireplace($a,'',$str); 
$newString = str_ireplace('-','',$newString); 
$newString = trim($newString); 
echo $newString;  
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The easy solution is to pass the fourth optional $count parameter.

do { 
    $str = str_ireplace(..., ..., ..., $count);
} while ($count); 

To truly remove curse words though.... Good luck with that. There's just too many variations to ever completely filter natural language (word, werd, w0rd, w3rd, etc -- if someone wants to call someone a name badly enough, he'll find a way; websites tend to use moderation for a reason).

This approach is unusably basic by the way since it has no concept of actual words but just strings of characters (assassinate -> inate). You can use regular expressions (the convenient \b word boundary), but at the end of the day, it's all pointless anyway.

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This'll do for now. 10 people in the world'll visit their site and they want things to be like some high tech... whatever. – Norman Jan 2 '13 at 8:13

If you follow Corbin's link to the CodingHorror discussion, the very last comment has a solution in the form of a contextually aware language filtering webservice, http://www.webpurify.com.

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Using the "contains" function from this answer, you could do

$strFromSearchBox = 'duchitck you dssduckhole';
$theseWords = array('duck', 'chit', 'dsshole');

$newString = $strFromSearchBox;
while(contains($newString, $theseWords)) {
    $newString = str_replace($theseWords,'',$newString);

echo $newString;
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no need to loop. str_replace will replace all occurrences of the words. – Raptor Jan 2 '13 at 6:54
// array of all the banned strings
$swears = array(
        // add all your swear words to this array

$dirtyStr = "a*s and t*****s";

// remove all the banned strings
$cleanStr = str_replace($swears, '', $dirtyStr);

echo $dirtyStr;
> a*s and t*****s

echo $cleanStr;
> and
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Try censoring your words if possible. There is no real need for the dirty words for understanding the problem/solution. I would also advise adding some textual explanation in addition to your code. It usually makes a better answer. – amit Jan 2 '13 at 6:52

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