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I am trying to localize strings in XAML. So I modified the default string of ApplicationTitle in AppResource.zh-Hans.resx. After configuring device to proper phone language to Chinese Simplified, the application title shows OK.

However, when I tried to do the same trick to modify title of my pivot item, it doesn't show what I want. I just added a string (AllSongs) in the AppResource.zh-Hans.resx. and do the following modification. What have I missed? In Solution Explorer, the auto generated "AppResources.zh-Hans.Designer.cs" is empty. Do I need to add anything?? Thanks!

        <phone:Pivot x:Name="ListView" Title="{Binding Path=LocalizedResources.ApplicationTitle, Source={StaticResource LocalizedStrings}}" Grid.Row="0" SelectionChanged="View_selection_changed" >
        <!--Pivot item one-->
        <phone:PivotItem Header="{Binding Path=LocalizedResources.AllSongs, Source={StaticResource LocalizedStrings}}">
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Did you remember to add the same AllSongs to the default AppResource.resx?

If you didn't add it to the default resource file, the designer won't be updated!

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I see. This fixed my issue. Thanks! –  thsieh Jan 2 '13 at 16:43

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