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I will try to keep this question short and to the point. I have experience developing in MS Access and some Java programming with Adobe Flash Builder. However I would like to take things one step further. I would like to create a website where a user can sign in and share and post things similar to Facebook, i.e a social network. I would like to know what is the best program for developing a website (for someone who does not come from an html background) and what is the best database to support this type of website i.e ( Oracle, Mysql ... )

If you have any advice or input please let me know. All advice is effective for me.

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A user based website should be implemented both at the front end and the back-end of the application. Components such as username, login, and other information should be obtained upon sign in in order to implement a user-based website. The back end of the site should be on a production server that consists of both php and a sql server system of some sort.

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