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I know it's common practice to autoload your controllers when using an MVC framework. I have made my own mini-framework where controllers are autoloaded fine.

Are there any security/bad issues with having the same autoload function load the models too?


function __autoload($className) { // Autoload both controllers and models.
if(stristr($className, 'Model'))
    if (is_readable(Ms . $className . '.php')) {
        include Ms . $className . '.php';
} else {
    if (is_readable(Cs . $className . '.php')) {
        include Cs . $className . '.php';
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you should be using spl_autoload_register(), and your magical autoloader does not support namespaces. –  tereško Jan 2 '13 at 7:33
@tereško do you mean if he should use spl_autoload_register() "directly" without encapsulating it into some class like Autoloader or Import? –  bad_boy Jan 2 '13 at 7:41

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You could use namespaces and spl_autoload_register() in order to get such an autoloader. There's no specific security issues regarding a multi autoloader (an autoloader for multi classes of classes) rather than a controller-only autoloader.

I usually works with namespaces like:

$home = new controller\home;

$users = new model\users;

$post = new view\post;

from there it's easy to replace a \ in the class name with a / to get the specific paths for the file (obviously doing the needed security checking as always).

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