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I have a url with some parameters like this:


It works well in browser.

But when I tried to get the result by curl like this:

curl -d "did=1200%20tf=AR%20Gene_box=%20all_gene=1%20region_select=proximal%20extend_bp_number=200%20repeat_bp_number=150%20primer=0" http://cistrome.org/finder/site/result

It returns a message that did is not passed as the request.

If I use the url directly, it gives me the result like this:

curl http://cistrome.org/finder/site/result?did=1200&tf=AR&Gene_box=&all_gene=1&region_select=proximal&extend_bp_number=200&repeat_bp_number=150&primer=0
[1] 4931*emphasized text*
[2] 4932
[3] 4933
[4] 4934
[5] 4935
[6] 4936
[7] 4937
[2]   Done                    tf=AR
[3]   Done                    Gene_box=
[4]   Done                    all_gene=1
[5]   Done                    region_select=proximal
[6]-  Done                    extend_bp_number=200

Does anyone have ideas about this?

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Why split it up? – alex Jan 2 '13 at 6:55
You can just use the full URL. No need to separate the query string. – Raptor Jan 2 '13 at 6:55
@ShivanRaptor I tried use the full URL first, but it didn't work. – Hanfei Sun Jan 2 '13 at 7:01
you should use a single quote to enclose the URL. Tried & Working. – Raptor Jan 2 '13 at 7:16
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Use the following command instead :

curl 'http://cistrome.org/finder/site/result?did=1200&tf=AR&Gene_box=&all_gene=1&region_select=proximal&extend_bp_number=200&repeat_bp_number=150&primer=0'
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The shell interprets the ampersand as the end of a command that should run as a background process. You can enclose the URL in quotes, or you can escape the ampersands with a backslash, like so:

curl http://cistrome.org/finder/site/result?did=1200\&tf=AR\&Gene_box=\&all_gene=1\&region_select=proximal\&extend_bp_number=200\&repeat_bp_number=150\&primer=0
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