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I have a Rate column in one of my SQL Table where Data is stored. The data in the rate column , is coming thro an Stored proc. In that existing stored proc, I found the condition

        IF     @taxPrd <  '07/01/2000' OR 
               @taxPrd >= '11/01/2001' AND @taxPrd <  '04/01/2003' 


I changed it to ...so as to make it true for ALL periods after sep-1/09

        IF     @taxPrd <  '07/01/2000' OR 
            ( @taxPrd >= '11/01/2001' AND @taxPrd <  '04/01/2003' ) OR
               @taxPrd >= '09/01/2009'


hence now the rate is valid for

              all less than Jul2000 OR
              all in between Nov2001 and Apr2003 OR
               all more than Sep2009

is the placements of brackets correct?

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FYI: @taxPrd >= '11/01/2001' AND @taxPrd < '04/01/2003' can be done as @taxPrd BETWEEN '11/01/2001' AND '04/01/2003' –  recursive Sep 11 '09 at 16:10
Sir, any advantage / reason other than apparent ease of writing? –  vas Sep 11 '09 at 16:13
@recursive, IIRC, BETWEEN is inclusive at both ends... –  cjk Sep 11 '09 at 16:17

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In your case the brackets are not necessary, (although I'd leave them there for clarity) because the boolean Operator AND takes precedence over the OR operator. i.e., whenever there is a mixture of ORs and ANDs in a predicate, the ANDs are processed first, and then the resulting expression (with ORs in it ) is processed.

for example

 A Or B Or C And D Or E And F And G Or H

would be processed as

 A Or B Or (C And D) Or (E And F And G) Or H
              \  /          \    /   
               ||             ||                                
 A Or B Or    C&D   Or      E&F&G       Or H
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Your parentheses are placed correctly for what you want to achieve.

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thanks Phillippe! I have one further query there is an related IF condition just above the ABove condition IF @taxPrd >= '06/01/2005' BEGIN .... I changed it to IF @taxPrd >= '06/01/2005' OR @taxPrd < '09/01/2009' BEGIN .... I did not place brackets in this case. should i place brackets whne there are two conditions only? –  vas Sep 11 '09 at 16:12

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