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I have a class with a lot of static functions that returns strings. The strings are configuration parameter names. I also have DisplayName function which translates the given parametar name. So far, so good. But, now I need to make parameter names with dynamic arguments like Part1, Part2 and I am stuck with the following design, which does not work for the dynamic string use case

class ConfigParams
     static QString DisplayName(std::string& paramName);
     static  std::string Heat(){ return Q_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Params","Heat");}
     static std::string Pressure() { return Q_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Params","Pressure");}
     static std::string Part(int partNo) { return QString(Q_TRANSLATE_NOOP("Params","Part%1")).arg(partNo).toStdString();}

    static std::map<std::string,QString mMapDisplayNames;
    static void PopulateMap();


QString ConfigParams::DisplayName(std::string& paramName)
   return mMapDisplayNames.find(paramName)->second;
void ConfigParams::PopulateMap()


So to make this work I added another function, which is not ok and clean, cause in future probably other functions like these will be needed :

QString DisplayNamePart(int partNo)
  return QCoreApplication::translate("Params","Part%1").arg(partNo);

So I think that the design should be reworked, and that the problem is general of how to store strings in one place and easily get its translated version. Please give some suggestions

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Why would you store translated strings? QTranslator does that already, so returning QCoreApplication::translate("Params", string) will be ok. –  Kamil Klimek Jan 2 '13 at 8:19
Ok, right. I just realize it , that I should not store them in map at all, just call QCoreApplication::translate. But what about the dynamic string problem. Example I have "Part1" string at the moment,in some other place like in dialog that list all configuration parametars, how to get its translated version in a clean way, can't just do QCoreApplication::translate("Params","Part1") i.e must do QCoreApplication::translate("Params","Part%1").arg(1); –  user152508 Jan 2 '13 at 8:36
Thats the way things work with translations :) –  Kamil Klimek Jan 2 '13 at 8:38

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