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In C#, I can attach documentation for properties, methods, events, and so on, directly in the code using XML Documentation Comments.

I know how to insert a reference to a particular method:

<see cref="MethodName(TypeForArg1, TypeForArg2..)"/>

Is there a way to insert a reference to a method group? Where I've got multiple overloads of the same method name...

I tried

<see cref="M:MethodName"/>

..but that did not work.


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Apparently there is no way to do this.

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It appears that this was be fixed at least in Visual Studio 2012:

<see cref="MethodName"/>

Will generate a warning:

Ambiguous reference in cref attribute: 'MethodName'. Assuming '…', but could have also matched other overloads including '…'.

But adding an M: in front get's rid of the warning:

<see cref="M:MethodName"/>
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