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This is the code of my SQLOpenHelper,

public class ContactsDB extends SQLiteOpenHelper{

    /** Database name */
    private static String DBNAME = "sqlspinnersmsdemo";

    /** Version number of the database */
    private static int VERSION = 1;

    /** Field 1 of the table contacts, which is the primary key */
    public static final String KEY_ROW_ID = "_id";

    /** Field 2 of the table contacts, stores the contact name */
    public static final String KEY_NAME = "name";

    /** Field 3 of the table contacts, stores the phone number of the contact */
    public static final String KEY_PHONE = "phone";

    /** A constant, stores the the table name */
    private static final String DATABASE_TABLE = "contacts";

    /** An instance variable for SQLiteDatabase */
    private SQLiteDatabase mDB;  

    /** Constructor */
    public ContactsDB(Context context) {
        super(context, DBNAME, null, VERSION);  
        this.mDB = getWritableDatabase();

    /** This is a callback method, invoked when the method getReadableDatabase() / getWritableDatabase() is called 
      * provided the database does not exists 
    * */
    public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {
        String sql =    "create table contacts (_id integer primary key autoincrement , "
                        + " name text not null , phone text not null ) " ;      

    /** Inserts a new contact to the table contacts */
    public long insert(ContentValues contentValues){
        long rowID = mDB.insert(DATABASE_TABLE, null, contentValues);
        return rowID;


    /** Updates a contact */
    public int update(ContentValues contentValues,String contactID){
        int cnt = mDB.update(DATABASE_TABLE, contentValues, "_id=" + contactID, null);
        return cnt;

    /** Deletes a contact from the table */
    public int del(String contactID){
        int cnt = mDB.delete(DATABASE_TABLE, "_id="+contactID, null);       
        return cnt;

    /** Returns all the contacts in the table */
    public Cursor getAllContacts(){
        return mDB.query(DATABASE_TABLE, new String[] { KEY_ROW_ID,  KEY_NAME , KEY_PHONE } , null, null, null, null, KEY_NAME + " asc ");

    /** Returns a contact by passing its id */
    public Cursor getContactByID(String contactID){
        return mDB.query(DATABASE_TABLE, new String[] { KEY_ROW_ID,  KEY_NAME , KEY_PHONE } , "_ID="+contactID, null, null, null, KEY_NAME + " asc ");

    public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int oldVersion, int newVersion) {



and I want to change it in a way so my database is going to be read frm the assets and not created for the first time.How can I handle this? My suggested code is this but I don'n know where to put it!

public ContactDB(Context context, String databaseName) {
        super(context, databaseName, null, 1);
        this.context = context;

        String packageName = context.getPackageName();
        DB_PATH = String.format("//data//data//%s//databases//", packageName);
        DB_NAME = databaseName;

public SQLiteDatabase openDataBase() throws SQLException {
        String path = DB_PATH + DB_NAME;
        if (database == null) {
            database = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(path, null,
        return database;

I'll be glad if you help me!

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This is a working code for the needed class:

public class ContactsDB extends SQLiteOpenHelper {  
public static String DB_PATH = "/data/data/com.example.test/databases/";  
public static String DB_NAME = "database";  
public static SQLiteDatabase mDataBase;  
private final Context mContext;  
public DataBaseManager(Context context)throws IOException{  

boolean dbexist=checkDataBase();
System.out.println("Database does not exist");
public void createDataBase() throws IOException {

boolean dbExist = checkDataBase();
SQLiteDatabase db_read= null;

// do nothing - database already exist

try {
}catch(IOException e)
public boolean checkDataBase() {

boolean checkdb=false;

String myPath = DB_PATH + DB_NAME;
File dbfile=new File(myPath);

}catch (SQLiteException e){
throw new Error("Database does not exist");

return checkdb;
public void copyDataBase() throws IOException {  
InputStream myInput = mContext.getAssets().open(DB_NAME);  
String outFileName = DB_PATH + DB_NAME;  
OutputStream myOutput = new FileOutputStream(outFileName);  
byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
int length;


public void openDataBase() throws SQLException {

String myPath = DB_PATH + DB_NAME;
mDataBase = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(myPath,null,SQLiteDatabase.OPEN_READWRITE);

Create an instance of ContactsDB class to get this working. ;)

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