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I have a JSP page with a text-area when user clicks save button, it saves the data from the text area to the database. DB field corresponding to data from text-area is Clob . I need to write this data to a file (after converting clob to String), by preserving newline. But when I convert Clob to String, the newlines are missing

Can I preserve newline while converting clob data to String.

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Please be more precise. You are referring to JSP. Is the text output inside of a JSP file? Then you have to insert <br> tags for line breaks. –  Moritz Petersen Jan 2 '13 at 8:46
Please, post the code which do insertion into DB –  Aubin Jan 2 '13 at 8:57

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I assume, that you want to output your text on a JSP page. Therefore, you have to convert it to HTML.

Replace all new line characters with <br>.

String html = text.replace("\n", "<br>\n");

Additionally, you should escape the special characters in your text to HTML entities. Use StringEscapeUtils#escapeHtml4() from the Commons-Lang library.

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