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i am using Restkit for webservice client in ios application..i used cocoapods to install the restkit in my sample project.But it is giving semantic issue,and parsing errors when i am there anyone help to solve this issue.

i used this link to install Restkit using cocoapods

errors are like this

/RKHTTPUtilities.m:69:40: error: unexpected '@' in program
        statusCodesToNamesDictionary = @{

/ObjectMapping/RKHTTPUtilities.m: error: unexpected '@' in program
    return [RKStatusCodesToNamesDictionary() objectForKey:@(statusCode)];
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It looks like you're compiling with an older version of Xcode that doesn't support object literals. You can fix this by either updating Xcode, or using an older version of restkit in your podfile like pod "restkit", "~>0.10.3".

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An optional but probably quite difficult way to get around doing either of these is to run your own version of Apple's LLVM compiler with whatever version of Xcode you have running. –  orta Jan 2 '13 at 14:03
thank you @orta ..i was having trouble for the past 2 days..can u tell me the other way to work with this xcode..and that object literals link is also really helpful..thank you again –  vigneshvelsubbu Jan 3 '13 at 5:59

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