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I'm trying to port a ruby/rails/hobo app. How do I use the "if" tag in dryml?

       <a href="#{image.url}">
         <img src="#{image.url :thumbnail}" title="Click to enlarge"/>

dist_image may be an object (containing an image), or it may be nil. Nothing seems to work. Also I can't find any documentation for conditional operators in dryml.

I get the error:

"undefined method `url' for "<img alt=\"Assets\" src=\"/assets/\">":ActionView::OutputBuffer"

Update: Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestions.. I tried all of the following:

  <if test="&dist_image">
  <if test="&dist_image.blank?">
  <if test="dist_image.blank?">
  <if test="dist_image">

all of them produce the same error. :( I followed the syntax in the documentation but it doesn't work.

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Is <%= image_tag image.url(:thumbnail), :title=>"Click to enlarge" %> not working? – VenkatK Jan 2 '13 at 8:52
See DRYML Guide: Conditionals, found in 2 clicks via dryml markup. – user166390 Jan 2 '13 at 8:52

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The problem isn't with your if statement, it's with #{image.url}. You probably want #{this.image.url} or #{this.url} or something. <if:dist_image> sets the context to this.dist_image, so it does the equivalent of this = this.dist_image.

Calling it the way you do means that you're calling a helper called 'image' instead of getting the image attribute from your object.

BTW, you probably don't need to look up the documentation for <if>, what you probably need is the documentation for the DRYML context, which is also in the DRYML guide.

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