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I was about to build a Visual studio solution file using msbuild.I used the following commandline for building the solution

msbuild.exe SolutionFile.sln /t:Build/p:Configuration=Release;Platform=Win32

Eventhough the build starts at some point the build is look hanging and fails to move forward as shown below

Done Building Project "D:\SolutionPath\ProjectFile10.vcxproj" (default targets).

There are lot of .proj under SolutionFile.sln that i have to build.

I have to use msbuild.exe rather than devenv.com

Please help

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please provide more information/msbuild output, this is impossible to answer now –  stijn Jan 2 '13 at 9:54

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There's a technique for diagnosing what's happening inside msbuild which may help you work out what's happening here. From a command prompt set an environment variable:

set msbuildemitsolution=1

Once you have run msbuild then this will generate a .metaproj file. This file is what msbuild uses internally but then deletes. You can read it to find out the name of the actual targets are. The Build target is expanded to show what it actually calls. You can then try building the individual targets with the /t flag of msbuild to work out which target is causing the problem.

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Adding a link to the following since it explains how to get this output to show up. You have to set this property from different command lines. Great suggestion. stackoverflow.com/questions/3887263/… –  SoftwareCarpenter Jan 2 '13 at 16:01

Set the verbosity property to diagnostic and save the output to a file. This will help you determine which project in your solution is hanging and help diagnose your problem.

The command line syntax would be as follows to save the output to a file named MyProjectOutput.log :

msbuild SolutionFile.sln /t:build /fl /flp:logfile=MyProjectOutput.log;verbosity=diagnostic

It also appears that you need a space after the /t target to build parameter passed in the command you listed.

msbuild.exe SolutionFile.sln /t:Build /p:Configuration=Release;Platform=Win32

Also, are you sure that every project contains a "Release" and "Win32" configuration? You could try just running the below command as well and see what gets compiled. Msbuild will automatically run the default target and configurations needed.

msbuild SolutionFile.sln

Another option you can try is to just compile the project and see what is produced:

msbuild "D:\SolutionPath\ProjectFile10.vcxproj" /fl /flp:logfile=MyProjectOutput.log;verbosity=diagnostic
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