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Happy Friday All,

I have an 2.0 website that I'm updating to .Net 3.5. The site uses a master page and I've placed asp:UpdatePanel in it.

One of the pages has a 3-step wizard control that I'd like to "Ajaxify" in some way. Are there better controls in the AJAX control toolkit that provide an improved user experience over the asp:Wizard control?

Please share with me your efforts to improve upon the asp:Wizard control. Did you move to a different control? Stay with asp:Wizard and add effects to it?

Thanks, Sid

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Kind of late, but I'll answer. I used the Telerik RadAjaxManager control to ajaxify my Wizard control, and I regretted it because of performance issues.

If I were you, I'd pursue setting up divs and use JQuery to selectively show/hide them to emulate a wizard.

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