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Is it possible to add information to the AssemblyInfo.cs use the assembly attribute, e.g. assembly:MyProjectAssembly,

So that when the MEF scan the assemblies in the rutime folder it will only scan those decorated with MyProjectAssembly.

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I don't think MEF has this feature. I'm not 100% sure though.

What you could do is use Mono.Cecil, a very powerful alternative to System.Reflection. Mono.Cecil allows you to inspect (and rewrite but that's another story) .NET assemblies without loading them. This means that you can easily add the functionality you are looking for. For example:

public static bool AssemblyIncludesCustomAttribute(string assemblyPath, string customAttributeName)
            if (assemblyPath == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("assemblyPath");
            if (customAttributeName == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("customAttributeName");            

            AssemblyDefinition assemblyDef = AssemblyDefinition.ReadAssembly(assemblyPath);

            return assemblyDef.CustomAttributes.Any(ca => ca.AttributeType.FullName == customAttributeName);

Then use it like this:

var catalog = new AggregateCatalog();
            string dirPath = @".\Extensions";
            foreach (string assemblyFile in Directory.EnumerateFiles(dirPath, "*.dll"))
                if (AssemblyIncludesCustomAttribute("Blah.dll", "System.Reflection.AssemblyConfigurationAttribute"))
                    catalog.Catalogs.Add(new AssemblyCatalog(assemblyFile));                    
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