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I am running project in virtualbox android emulator .

My project working fine .but this time run project in virtual box android emulator . give me following error in console window: I/O error
Launch canceled!

Another project run well ,so many try and googling but i can't solve my problem .

Please help me ...

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Try complete uninstall, reinstalling the virualbox emulator.

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I had the same issue with Android x86 at VirtualBox. It was caused by corrupted filesystem. Android was not able to remove application data, as well as i coudn't do that via the command line (had System I/O errors and FS corrupted messages).

I've tried to fix the filesystem using fsck directly from Android but without a luck. Then i've booted the virtual machine from the Linux LiveCD and fixed the Android filesystem. After that the problem was solved.

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Try Genymotion. It is quite fast.

Genymotion Home Page

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