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Hi, I have a problem with uploading files in my server. This is my code:

                   Check if a file has been uploaded
                   if(isset($_FILES['fileToUpload'])) {
          // Make sure the file was sent without errors
                   if($_FILES['fileToUpload']['error'] == 0) {
         // Connect to the database
                   $dbLink = new mysqli('$host', '$username', '$pass', '$tbl_name');
                   if(mysqli_connect_errno()) {
                   die("MySQL connection failed: ". mysqli_connect_error());

             // Gather all required data
           //$id= mysql_insert_id(); 
                  $name = $dbLink->real_escape_string($_FILES['fileToUpload']['name']);
                  $mime = $dbLink->real_escape_string($_FILES['fileToUpload']['type']);
                  $data = $dbLink->real_escape_string
                  $size = intval($_FILES['fileToUpload']['size']);

            // Create the SQL query
                  $query = "
                  INSERT INTO files (email,name,type,size,content)
                  VALUES ('$user','$name', '$mime', $size, '$data')";

           // Execute the query
                  $result = $dbLink->query($query);}}
            "/home/u152912911/public_html/upload" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]);

                  if ($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["error"] > 0)
                  echo "Apologies, an error has occurred.";
                  echo "Error Code: " . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["error"];
                  "/home/u152912911/public_html/upload" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"] 
                  if (($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["type"] == "image/DOC")
                  || ($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["type"] == "image/jpeg")
                  || ($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["type"] == "image/png" )
                  && ($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["size"] < 10000))
          "/home/u152912911/public_html/upload" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]);

              ECHO "Files Uploaded Succesfully";
              echo'<script type="text/javascript">

          window.location.href ="resume2.php"
                  echo "Your Resume was Successfully Upload";

I have a folder named "upload" wherein it will store all the files uploaded by the user. My objective is to store the file in mysql and in the "upload" folder. The storing of file works fine with no error messages but I can't see the uploaded file inside the "upload" folder. Thanks for your help!

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It is possible that you do not have the correct permissions to upload the file to that directory. If you are on windows try changing the permissions to 777 on the upload directory. – Daniel Cannon Jan 2 '13 at 10:29
check you have enough privilege to modify the folder. – Edwin Alex Jan 2 '13 at 10:30
"/home/u152912911/public_html/upload" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]

You are missing a trailing slash / after upload. Change it to:

"/home/u152912911/public_html/upload/" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]

As it is, the file is being saved as a file name with the prefix upload in the public_html directory.

If possible you should use a relative path for portability, there is a good chance that simply

"upload/" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]

...would suffice.


you should not be using $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"] directly like this. Consider what would happen if the user sent the string ../index.php as the file name - the user would be able to overwrite your index.php file. Also, consider what would happen if two users uploaded a file named picture.jpg - the second upload would overwrite the first.

Instead you should use a name for the file that you create yourself - it is not safe to rely on user input like this.

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thank you! it is now working! :) i will also consider your suggestions. :) – jov colocar Jan 2 '13 at 10:43

You forget a slash:

          "/home/u152912911/public_html/upload" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]);

should be

          "/home/u152912911/public_html/upload/" . $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]);

Also, check the return value for succes, don't assume it.

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thank you! it is now working! :) – jov colocar Jan 2 '13 at 10:43

Please check the permission provided to the folder where you are storing the files.

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if its working fine on local host and giving problem in online testing then ask the server-host to change the folder permissions to 777.

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