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Is there any way to inject bean dependencies make configurable except from factory pattern? I have 3 class implement same interface and have 3 bean definition. I want to change that beans using in other class? For excample is it possile to read bean name form conf file and use it as varible?

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Yes, you can go with @Qualifier annotation. As you have 3 classes which implement same interface, name those classes with different names and use @Qualifier annotation.

Spring documentation says : autowiring by type may lead to multiple candidates, it is often necessary to have more control over the selection process. One way to accomplish this is with Spring's @Qualifier annotation.

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Thank you Nandkumar. I understand Qualifier but it is configured in class. I want to configure from property file. I think only way using factory pattern. – Ugur Jan 2 '13 at 14:05

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