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class Widget{ .. }  // Widget Class

class Interface { // pure virtual functions .. } // Interface class (Abstract Class)

class WidgetType1 : public Widget, public Interface { ... } // Type 1 Widget (ComboBox) inherits widget and Interface
class WidgetType2 : public Widget, public Interface { ... } // Type 2 Widget (LineEdit) inherits widget and Interface

Widget* widget = getWidget(...);
Interface* interface = dynamic_cast<Interface*> (widget); // Convert Widget to Interface

What I should to do access methods of Interface on object of Widget (which is basically a WidgetType 1/2)

I am unable to type cast object of WidgetType1 referenced by pointer of Widget

Image for Design

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Tell us the error or specific problems. "I am unable to type cast object ..." is NOT enough. – Nawaz Jan 2 '13 at 11:36
If you get a compiler error then my guess is that you need to add parentheses to the dynamic_cast: dynamic_cast<Interface*>(widget) – herzbube Jan 2 '13 at 11:39

I'm making my comment into an answer: My guess is that you get a compiler error because you forgot to add parentheses to the dynamic_cast:

Interface* interface = dynamic_cast<Interface*>(widget)

For dynamic_cast to work correctly at runtime, you need to compile your project with RTTI (run-time type information, link to Wikipedia article). I may be mistaken, but I believe compilers enable RTTI by default, so you should know if you have disabled it.

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This is just a guess as you didn't show us the implementation of class Widget or describe the nature of the error.

class Widget{ ... };  // Widget Class
Interface* interface = dynamic_cast<Interface*> (widget); 

Note that I added a missing semicolon to the end of your class specification. This alone may be the cause of your problems.

Another possibility: Your comment for class Interface specifically indicates that virtual methods are defined for that class. Your comment for class Widget says nothing of the sort. Widget is not a polymorphic class you don't define any virtual methods for the class. The only thing you can dynamically cast a pointer to a non-polymorhic class into is a parent class pointer. Interface is not a parent class of Widget, making the dynamic class is illegal if Widget doesn't have any virtual methods.

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