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I want to get the test name and test result during runtime. i have setup and tearDown methods in my script. and in setup method i need to get the test name and in tearDown i need to get the test result and test execution time.

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yesterday I faced with the same issue and I resolved it :-)

Official manual was helpful for me: http://pytest.org/latest/plugins.html#hook-specification-and-validation

Magic for this realization that use special hook for pytest. It hook is "pytest_runtest_protocol" - implements the runtest_setup/call/teardown protocol for the given test item, including capturing exceptions and calling reporting hooks.

This hook called when any test is finished (like startup or teardown or your test).

I have next tree in my test directory:

├── conftest.py
├── __init__.py
└── test_rest_author.py

In test_rest_author.py file I have startup, teardown and test_tc15 functions, but I want show result and name only for test_tc15 func.

In conftest.py file: (warning: create file with the same name, it's special file for pytest, for more information pls read this: http://pytest.org/latest/plugins.html#conftest-py-local-per-directory-plugins)

import pytest
from _pytest.runner import runtestprotocol

def pytest_runtest_protocol(item, nextitem):
    reports = runtestprotocol(item, nextitem=nextitem)
    for report in reports:
        if report.when == 'call':
            print '\n%s --- %s' % (item.name, report.outcome)
    return True

and if you run your script you can see result and name of test:

$ py.test ./rest/test_rest_author.py
====== test session starts ======
/test_rest_author.py::TestREST::test_tc15 PASSED
test_tc15 --- passed
======== 1 passed in 1.47 seconds =======

profit :-)

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unittest.TestCase.id() this will return the complete Details including class name , method name . From this we can extract test method name. Getting the results during can be achieved by checking if there any exceptions in executing the test. If the test fails then there wil be an exception if sys.exc_info() returns None then test is pass else test will be fail.

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