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We have a mobile web application that opens only in default browser in mobile device. So having tough time to get the properties[ID/Class/Xpath..] of objects for Automation testing using selenium android driver. At present I am doing a reverse way where collecting all the properties of objects in a page. But this is very tedious. Is there any other utility to get the properties of elements just like firebug in firefox?

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I have started using the xpath viewer for chrome which works well

which allows you to view xpaths and css paths for any element on the page.

I am sure plenty of similar add-ons exist for other browsers.

such as XPath Checker which allows you to view xpaths

also FireFinder allows you to find both xpaths and css paths..

Personally I suggest css selectors would be better, they would be less brittle.

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Could you name some of them? –  Trinimon Mar 25 '13 at 18:45
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