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How can I reliably identify that a website is running on Prestashop platform?

I looked at common things across different website and it seems that globals.css can be matched (but if someone customized alot the theme this might be missing) , themes/theme_name/(css|modules|etc) and modules folders are present.

Add to cart action goes to cart.php and so on...

Can someone with Prestashop experience point out a few ways to identify that a shop is running on Prestashop?

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Use URL patterns or maybe look for a cookie variable which is set. Looking for global.css is too common. Just found this –  Michel Feldheim Jan 2 '13 at 13:12

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Wappalyzer is a great Browser Extension to have to view the running software on any website. Including PrestaShop!

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"Prestashop": { "cats": [ 6 ], "meta": { "generator": "PrestaShop" }, "html": "Powered by <a href=\\\"[^>]+PrestaShop", "implies": [ "PHP" ] }, - like, really? github.com/ElbertF/Wappalyzer/blob/master/drivers/html/… –  FlorinelChis Jan 4 '13 at 17:35

what if you give a try on http://builtwith.com i.e a sort of web site profiler tool.

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Many PrestaShop installs don't protect their templates directories. Which means you can download and open *.tpl files and read them.

Also many ID parameters in PrestaShop sites have a common naming convention id_structure meaning product ids are id_product and order ids are id_order. If you finish placing an order and get redirected to the my account page for that order you'll see id_order in the URL.

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